Our History

The Kalahari Dream® Diamond was born after 4th generation diamantaire, Dov Tannenbaum, realized that so much of the amazing humanitarian work done by the diamond industry in Botswana was largely unknown to the public. In sourcing and crafting superior diamonds, Dov always searched for new ways to offer the best quality to customers.

For decades, diamonds have served the locals living around the Molepolole factory in Botswana. This factory employs mainly women, equipping them with the skills to handcraft the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Dov is most proud of the fact that diamond cutting is no longer a closely-held secret. The hard working men and women of the Molepolole factory are master craftsmen and take pride in the work that supports their families and the beauty they share with the world.

The Molepolole factory has made the community a top priority over the the decades. Clean water initiatives, school funding, quality healthcare, and reinvigorated wildlife conservation are only a few of the community empowerment projects. Taking the name from the surrounding Kalahari wilderness that captures the imagination, Dov sees the Kalahari Dream Diamond as a way to share Botswana's amazing success with diamond lovers everywhere.