Unearth a Diamond.
Uplift a Community.

Kalahari Dream® Diamonds are solely sourced from reputable southern African diamond mining companies. These companies adhere to stringent ecological and social criteria, and abide by industry guidelines. While most Kalahari Dream Diamonds are mined from the majestic lands of southern Africa, a small portion are responsibly mined in beautiful Canada. Every Kalahari Dream Diamond travels through southern Africa as part of its journey, helping to support and foster beneficial relationships with local communities.

Each Kalahari Dream® Diamond is selected and prepared by expert artisans. Trusted diamond company, Leo Schachter, ensures that every Kalahari Dream Diamond is polished to exacting standards in socially responsible factories. Only after careful finishing and quality control are they accepted as a Kalahari Dream Diamond. Each is then certified by the Gemological Institute of America and/or the American Gem Society.

Kalahari Dream Diamonds are available in round and fancy stones.